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New York Mens Day

This season, New York Fashion Week presented New York Mens Day(NYMD) where they hosted 11 brands at the CreativeDrive in NYC. Upon entrance we were greeted by a truffle popcorn booth, fresh lemonade booth and a balloon animal artist to occupy and hydrate us during the presentations. I've selected some of my favorites to highlight.

Krammer & Stoudt knocked another fabulous presentation out this S/S2019 season by keeping it simple and effective. The concept was "8 Days to Japan", which originated from designer, Mike Rubin's first trip to Japan this Spring. The designs and details of this collection were also inspired by his lifelong appreciation for japanese artist, Hokusai. In addition, there was an element of combining of peaceful thought with the organized chaos of Tokyo.

photo by: (Deidre Schoo)

David Hart's spring 2019 collection was filled with Knoll, bold and vibrant color palettes , prints, and over-sized 1970's proportions. The collection was inspired by the "Watergate Scandal". Hart composed a fluid rotation of runway looks for his presentation which continue to rotate through the day. He covered looks from printed tailored suits, to 70's inspired polos; which gave me the feel of "Goodtimes" meets GQ. I highly enjoyed each look and can't wait to place them in an editorial.

Sundae School kept true to their brand concept which encompasses the combination of "weed" culture and korean intellects. This season, designers, Dae Lim and Nina Kim, told their story of "Ddul-Sunbi" which roughly means, "weed scholar". This smokewear brand makes very high-quality pieces and accessories for the high-minded. Of course, you know a great deal of us can identify with this concept. Lol. The brand strongly stands by it's beliefs of providing students with a harmonious mix of design, functionality, comfort, and humor. Isn't this something we all want? Another designer on my radar!

Descendant of Thieves' Spring 2019 collection was inspired by Tulum and the Mayan Riviera ; with its unbothered luxury, untouched coastline, exotic cocktails, and jungle parties with renowned DJs. Creative Director and Co-Founder, Matteo Maniatty visualized a beautiful young international crowd arriving from the worlds capitals like NYC, London, Milan, etc to lay back, retreat, and take pause from their fast-paced, hectic lifestyles to indulge in a more calm and natural setting. Everyone bringing a sliver of thier urban lives while still embracing Mexican culture.

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