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Belvedere with a Ginger Twist

Last night, Belvedere launched a new flavor expression, which is a really dope way to say, "flavor", called Ginger Twist, with a launch party that feature celebrity and VIP guests from, actress Kate Mara, model Nina Adgal, Empire's Jussie Smollet as well as, wellness expert and launch partner, Candice Kumai and designers, Coco and Breezy at NOMO Soho. The night's signature drinks were Ginger Zest Spritz, Luxury Pineapple, Blackberry Collins and Horses Neck . At the event Candice Kumai toasted to the fabulous crowd and had us sample dishes that paired with the Ginger Zest signature cocktails by Belvedere’s brand ambassador Brian Stewart and a live dj. The atmosphere was definitely "LIT". I look forward to mixing some awesome summer cocktails with the lovely bottle that I was gifted for attending.

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