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Sometimes the Underdog is a Good Thing

One of New York's premier bars, Underdog, officially relaunched as a two-level bar and restaurant space in the Financial District on historic, Stone Street. This new multi-level space has taken over the entire building to provide the Financial District with a neighborhood bar that showcases accessible and world-class quality cocktails, craft beer, and dining; by expanding the intimate 35-seater venue previously known as "The Growler". Underdog provides drinks that allows the guest to enjoy cocktails in the italian aperitivo manner as well as inventive cocktails for your aficionados. Of course, my fave was the "Frozen Porn Star Martini", which consists of: Glitter disco syrup, Vodka, Vanilla, Passionfruit, and Hazelnut. Some other bomb cocktails offered are:

  • Underdog Salty Dog (vodka, dry vermouth, housemade sparkling fresh grapefruit, dehydrated grapefruit dust)

  • Susie Q (Italicus, dry vermouth, prosecco, and in-house made lemon sherbet)

This is definitely gonna be a new happy hour spot for my friends and colleagues!!! Until then.....

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